Threshold Readying Launch of new Home Automation System

Threshold Home Automation System

Threshold Corp have been developing their new smart home system for around 4 years now and they’re due to launch to market in the next few weeks.  The system uses a central controller to talk to a range of Wi-Fi based wireless modules all of which can be added to the secure network in seconds using their new “ConfigSpot” technology..  Check out the video below.

“Say goodbye to wireless network configuration hassles. Threshold’s breakthrough ConfigSpot technology uses low-cost near-field communications and networking to provide a secure way for devices to configure themselves automatically. ConfigSpot frees consumers from the burden of configuration complexity that has inhibited market growth and led to high levels of customer frustration and high product return rates.Image

Using ConfigSpot anyone can easily install and configure a wireless device by simply holding the ConfigSpot of one device near the ConfigSpot of another device on the network. ConfigSpot then automatically and wirelessly programs the new device with network addresses, security keys, passwords, device names, and other necessary configuration information. It’s that easy!

ImageThreshold’s ConfigSpot technology enables a new expansion of wireless technology by making existing devices radically easier to install and use, and enabling wireless capabilities to be incorporated into almost any device at an extremely low cost. Creating a “smart home” is now easy and affordable.

For example, wireless-controlled electrical outlets can know when to turn off devices to save money and help the environment, or consumers can add a new wireless camera, phone, or media player to the network by just holding it over another device. The possibilities are endless!”

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  1. Looks very interesting..can I get more information ie pricing etc.? Do they make any outlets that are permanetly installed. Kinda like a gcfi outlet that looks like.

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