Tiqit 83

This mini-marvell is due to be released before the end of 2002. With a 300MHz CPU, 256meg of RAM, 10Gig hard drive and a 4 inch VGA TFT Touchscreen it will do pretty much the same as any notebook PC – but then it will probably cost the same too…

“eightythree is the first computer you can use while walking that has the software and hardware compatibility of a Windows/Linux/UNIX PC. eightythree incorporates all the applications you would find on a laptop or PDA including voice communication, e-mail, web access, PIM, enterprise applications and the ability to download attachments. It is the size of a large PDA, has laptop-quality screen resolution, an SMS keyboard, a finger-operated micro joystick with mouse buttons, a cardbus PC card slot to support all standard wireless modems, a USB port, and a Secure Digital (SD) slot”

More information availbale from Tiqit

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