TM13U-AH (All HouseCode)

New ALL HOUSE CODE version, Status Response*, X10 RF Receiver 433MHz, Built-in Appliance Module (Address 1), rated at 5amps

Yes, at last an X10 RF gateway that allows reception and re-transmission of all 256 X10 addresses (House Code A-P, and Addresses 1-16). Merely set the TM13’s House Code to position ‘P’ and it will forward any House Code it receives…

If you plan to use an RF transmitter like an SS13, an MS13, or a KR19 then you also need the TM13 which receives the radio waves (RF) and then transmits X10 down the mains line to an awaiting X10 receiver module, like an AM12, LM12, LW10 or AW10

*If you have an intelligent controller like a HomeVision or a CM12 + Homeseer software then you can poll the TM13 to see whether the built-in Appliance Module is on or off.

£34.99 (inc VAT)  Available From Lets Automate

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