Tornado M10 Digital Media Center

Here’s a multi-talented little box that runs on embedded Linux, from SysMaster. Just have a look at the specs and features pages on the SysMaster Website for the huge list of uses – IPTV Streaming, Digital Audio Streaming, VoIP Telephony, Email Client, IM Client, PBX, VoiceMail, the list goes on…

“SysMaster used embedded Linux to build a set-top box with a dizzying array of audio, video, networking, communications, and data capabilities. The Tornado M10 Digital Media Center runs Linux 2.6.19, and targets phone and IP network operators wishing to offer a wide range of services. The M10 is meant to attach to consumer TV screens, an Ethernet-based Internet connection, and a standard telephone line. It can optionally be controlled via an infrared wireless keyboard

Key Features

  • IPTV and Video-on-Demand Support
  • Digital Music and Internet Radio Delivery
  • VoIP SIP Phone with Peer Auto Discovery
  • Video Conference H.263 Support
  • Media Extension Center Functionality
  • Enhanced Voicemail System with Unified Messaging
  • Online Chat and Email Clients
  • News and Weather Reports Delivery
  • Optional PVR and Program Scheduling”

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