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Just received the following – "Touch ' N ' Glo – State of the Art, Programmable, Intelligent Electronic Switches. The Touch'N'Glo Sensing Switches offer a complete range of Intelligent Switching with multiple benefits.

Comfort- Touch "on" / "off", with the hand or any other part of the anatomy from the head right down to the toes, or with a walking stick or other aid. Switches can now be placed in any location and any height to suit individual needs. Ideal for the elderly, infirm and arthritic or when carrying that awkward parcel or your groceries. Easy to see with its distinctive red glow indicating the position of the switch in darkness as well as a visual deterrent to 'would be' burglars assuming a security device within the room.

Versatile – One switch for all. Self programme up to five different functions, re-programme at any time to suit your changing environment. Should you move, take your switches with you.

Hygienic – The flat surface makes it easy to keep clean and sterile in complete safety wiping with a damp cloth.

Safety – No arcing means no sparking when lights are turned on making the Touch Series of switches much safer in properties that use gas or other inflammable substances.

Economy – Extended lamp life. All lamps become long life lamps due to a unique method of 'slow start warm up'. Programmable turn off times for cubby-holes, stairs, lofts, walkways, communal areas etc. Lamps being left on in that forgotten room now a thing of the past, turning off automatically, preserving economy.

Security – Programmable "on" / "off" intermittent lamp switching over 24 hour cycle that repeats the programme turning lamps on in the hours of darkness giving the benefit of an assumed occupied home or premises for security.

Home Automation – Control your home via the internet using 'InControl' and the Touch'N'Glo communication technology.

The Intelligent Touch Sensing Light Switches can be fitted in any existing electrical installation utilising both the existing wiring and back boxes.

For More Information on the Touch " N " Glo Products please contact: Mr Laren Yeomans , Sales Director, Touch "N" Glo Ltd, The Rembrandt Business Centre, All Saints Road, Burton On Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom, DE14 3LS, Tel: +44(0)1283 539698 Fax: +44(0)1283 534323 e-mail: [email protected] "

Prices are around £19.99. The website for this product is still inder construction.



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  1. Mike Lamerick | October 21, 2014 at 6:57 pm |

    I’ve had two of these switches in my house for several years, and never had a problem. they’ve served me very well, I used one in the kitchen and one in a bedroom used for my ninety plus mother-in-law. The only reason I am on this site is because my kitchen switch gave up the ghost this week and I want a replacement.

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