Towel Rail TV

Aquavison Towel Rail TV

I guess they are struggling for new places to put TVs these days, and here’s an unusual one from Aquavision.  The TV is a 17″ LCD panel and it’s available installed in a range of Towel Rail sizes.  Priced at around £3,000 we imagine it’ll be fairly exclusive.

“The Brand new Towel Warmer Series incorporating the high specification waterproof 17″ AQUAVISION LCD television with a MIRRORVISION panel, built into a bespoke state of the art towel rail.This new series is ideal for installation into even the most recently completed bathroom with the minimum of disruption, just 4 mounting points and 2 cables and your new purchase is ready to go.

The MIRRORVISION glass on the front of your towel rail utilises the existing AQUAVISION technology that makes the glass look like a mirror when the TV is turned off, and goes almost clear when the TV is ON, giving no distortion to the picture.” : [Via:]

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