Transmit Your MP3s Round the House via FM


An interesting card from the US to transmit FM from your PC. An easy way to distribute your own music to radios all round the home, although we’re not sure of the legal aspects of this (export only?)…

“PCI MAX 2005 is a computer card that will change the way you listen to your MP3’s or other audio via PC. It will effectively change your PC into a FM radio station. You will be able to play your audio files (CD, wav, MP3, real audio etc.) from your PC through radio waves directly to your household radio receiver in the next room, in the living room, across your yard, in whole block ….or for the entire village/small city. You need just an ordinary radio receiver to receive your signal. The included software (also available at the link below for a quick DL) lets you set the frequency and the output power. You can either service your living room, garden or an entire community. Get rid of those pesky cables.

It has never be easier than this. Install this card into your PC as you would any other PC card. Install software and you’re ready to broadcast! Software gives you full control over frequency. Power can be changed with an onboard jumper (Lo and Hi setting). Coupled with MP3 player and scheduling plugins this becomes a fully automated radio station! Perfect for fully automated guided tours, small scale advertising, wireless link from your PC to your stereo… You’re only limited by your imagination.

This is the latest and by far the best member in our family of PC based FM transmitters. It features an onboard DSP stereo encoder and a DC/DC converter that ensures complete suppression of noise coming from the PC. Includes built-in balanced audio inputs and a precise pre-emphasis and MPX filter. It can be switched to MONO or STEREO by a simple click of a mouse button. Audio can also be fed to the card from other audio sources (cd players, mixers etc). Output power can be changed via an on-board trimmer anywhere from full down to zero.

PCI MAX 2005 can also be used in stand alone mode! A small control unit (LEDX) with LED display can be connected via ribbon cable and enables display/changing of the frequency without the need for a computer. The unit can also be used with the “MAXBST” 15 Watt Booster to reach as far as 5 miles or more! Sorry US residents the PCI-MAX transmitter is available for EXPORT ONLY (or with a signed “export agreement” form).

PCI-MAX PC Transmitter/Amp

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