TuneView for iPod

The Gadgeteer.com have just published one of the first reviews of the Keyspan TuneView, the iPod dock that mirrors the players screen on its RF remote…

“TuneView for iPod provides a new wireless way to manage your music throughout your house or office. TuneView for iPod consists of a universal iPod dock, 2-way RF remote with color LCD screen, a USB power adapter, audio and USB cables, and selected dock adapters. Together these components allow you to.

Connect the iPod to a stereo or powered speakers using the line out jack – Connect the iPod to a TV using the S-Video jack – Charge the iPod from an AC outlet using the USB Power Adapter – Browse and control the iPod from around the house with LCD remote

The TuneView dock may also be used to sync an iPod with a PC or Mac. The TuneView Remote is unlike any iPod remote you’ve used before. It features a color LCD screen that enables you to remotely view the contents of your iPod — and it currently supports four languages (English, French, German and Spanish).

Both the TuneView dock and TuneView remote are USB devices that can be updated via a firmware download (just like an iPod). Over time we will release firmware updates that add new capabilities to TuneView.”

Gadgeteer.com Review   :   Keyspan TuneView

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