TV Hides Away in a Lamp Shade

TV hides away in a lamp

A wierd and wonderful lamp and TV combo that’s sure to keep some SWMBO’s happy.  The lamp and shade houses an LCD TV (up to 23″) and when the TV is not in use the shade can be raised to cover and hide the flat screen. Designed by Denis Santachiara for Roche Bobois…

“This TV Flash Lamp was created by the Italian designer Denis Santachiara for Roche Bobois. It’s basically a lamp that has a lamp shade that can slide down to show an HDTV, up to 23”, and a DVD player.

This is a really smart idea to hide smaller HDTVs. While we don’t think that this design would work for very large screens, they are just too heavy, it would work very well for smaller screens. They’d just disappear from view. The lamp could actually work to backlight the HDTV, giving off the same sort of feeling as Philips’ Ambilight.

It’s possible to find interesting solutions to hide HDTVs. This is one of the most ingenious that we’ve seen. It would be also compelling to see how stable this thing is. The one thing that you don’t want to happen is your precious HDTV falling to the floor. This is definitely a stylish alternative to the wall mounts and articulated arms that we’ve seen.


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