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The TVLink is a small (and I mean small) module that allows the remote control of you Sky Digibox from another room in the house. The IR receiver module measures about 5x4x2 cm and the actual TVLink transceiver measures no more than 10x2x2 cm…

I already had a cable run from RF2 on the back of my Digibox to the TV upstairs, so installation was as simple as placing the IR receiver on top of the TV, plugging the cable into one side of the transceiver module and plugging the actual transceiver itself into the TV’s aerial socket. The TVLink even came supplied with 2 plugs, so you can make your own extension lead if the transceiver wont plug directly into your TV.

Once you have activated the power supply from the Digibox by following the supplied instructions, you can operate the Digibox from the remote TV as if you were right in front of it. All the functions of the Sky remote work, including the Channel Guide, and other interactive functions.

Approximate Price £19.99 inc.postage & packing.

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