TVCatchup Launch Desktop Player

TVCatchup Desktop Player

TV Catchup, the service which provides quality live streaming of multiple UK television channels, have just launched a stand alone desktop application to view their service.

The dedicated Adobe Air app can be run on Windows, Mac OSX or Linux and replaces the need to run a browser whilst providing more functionality.  See the rest of the screenshots after the jump..

TVCatchup started life as a fantastically useful on-line PVR but the fun ran out all too soon when legal hurdles forced the service to shut down.

Since starting up again as a streaming only service we’ve wondered if the recording capabilities would ever return.  Well, while this hotly anticipated desktop player is still very much in beta, TVC have promised to bring a recording facility in a future version.

As an additional bonus the Desktop Player adds some new channels – up from the 18 currently delivered through the website to 24 in the standalone player (see channel list below).

TVCatchup Desktop Player

TVCatchup Desktop Player

Channels currently available – BBC One, BBC Two, ITV 1, Channel 4, FIVE, ITV 2, Five USA, E4, ITV 3, ITV 4, More 4, BBC Three, BBC Four, Dave, Fiver, Film 4, BBC News, CBBC, CITV, E4 +1, Dave Ja Vu, ITV2 +1, Yesterday, BBC Parliament

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11 Comments on "TVCatchup Launch Desktop Player"

  1. For all us foreigners:

    “At this time, TVCatchup is available only in the United Kingdom.”

    So in other words, you need an UK IP address to make this work. Geography is so limiting and so old fashioned…

  2. Yes, frustrating, but not surprising and not TVC’s fault either. Try watching Hulu outside the USA etc and you’ll be faced with the same issue.

    The “border-less” Internet still has to deal with the old real-world licensing issues 🙁

  3. am very tempted by this … we don’t have any sort of TV at the moment (far too intrusive), but this sort of application might well turn the tables … wonder how well it works, in practice, with real download speeds (we have no cable, or landlines, just a 3G USB stick, which typically gives 2-3Gb, but has times when a lot less is the reality, and colleagues who have BT broadband struggle to get 0.5Gb).

  4. i use this app alot
    its really really good and is constantly being updated

    there has been more channels added there is now currently 32 channels available,these include

    BBC One, BBC Two, ITV 1, Channel 4, FIVE, ITV 2, Five USA, E4, ITV 3, ITV 4, More 4, BBC Three, BBC Four, Dave, Fiver, Film 4, BBC News, CBBC, CITV, E4 +1, Dave Ja Vu, ITV2 +1, Yesterday, BBC Parliament, Channel 4 +1, CBeebies, More 4 +1, ITV3 +1, ITV4 +1, Film4 +1, BBC Alba, CNN

    with more coming soon

  5. well bad news, even uk based ıp’s are banned from tv catch particular those serving expats.

  6. Kevin, No their not. How can UK Ip’s be banned, who is TVCatchup a London based company serving then? that makes no sense.
    Ex-Pats should complain to the TV Licensing Authority about the legality of watching outside of UK, get permission and contact TVC.

  7. Where do i download this app?, im living in the uk

  8. Luke Clark | May 11, 2011 at 5:54 pm |

    how do you download it?

  9. Does anyone know if this is available overseas yet? I use iplayer Desktop, which enables me to record BBC programmes and watch them without the iterference that the dodgy internet connections give on a small Greek island!

  10. I deleted it from my ipad by mistake and now I can’t get it back on. how can I download it?


  11. type wiat till its on screen
    right click create short cut to desktop

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