GSM SMS display screen for your Kitchen etc? – “The txTboard is a slim self-contained display device. Intended to be hung on the wall of a kitchen or communal area at home, this appliance displays text-messages sent to its own individual phone number. Currently at the prototype stage, we built txTboard to demonstrate the Appliance Studio’s unique approach to innovation and prototyping.”…

The txTboard concept sprung from our evidence-based method of user-understanding, and the prototype was developed in three weeks on top of our Web Signs platform.

Our on-going observational and analytical research into mobile phone usage has extended the conventional view of telephony as a person-to-person notion. We now believe that person-to-place communication has an important role to play – the txTboard being an example. The benefits of person-to-place messaging include new ways to manage the chaos of family life, and new opportunities for intimate communication between family members. This latter notion springs from our discovery that text-messaging is used as a form of gift-giving in close relationships.

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