Useful Gadget of the Week: Keene Wired Eye IR to RF for Sky Box


Many of us control our Sky box from other rooms in the house using an IR emitter stuck on the front of the unit.  These can become detach, either through time or little prying finger.  Now for under £20 you can ensure perfect transmission of your IR commands every time and clean up the look of the front of than new 1TB Sky+HD box you just bought.

“The KWE wired Eye is part of the Keene IR Distribution range. It utilises the ability of a Sky receiver to be controlled via the RF2 coaxial socket and provides a “hardwired” in cabinet control solution.

Instead of affixing an IR emitter on or near to the Sky receiver front panel you can now connect the IR emitter output directly to the Wired Eye. This gives reliable results and also prevents any IR bleed, perfect for a situation where multiple SKY boxes are used in close proximity.”

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  1. Will this block the use of a normal MagicEye via the RF2 output, or will both work together?

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