Vera Z-Wave Home Control System Launches in Europe

IP gateway from Mi Casa Verde

The Californian company, Mi Casa Verde, has introduced a new type of home control system to the European market.  The Vera IP gateway employs the Z-Wave wireless standard and is controlled using any standard web browsers from any PC, Mac or mobile device with internet access.

Users can define scenarios which trigger actions on lighting, heating, cctv and security etc.  The $249 smart home controller is available now in the UK and European from the dealers listed below.

Mi Casa Verde, introduced a new type of home control system to the European market. Marketed under the name Vera, this ‘house maid’ is an intuitive and easy-to-use IP gateway based on the globally successful Z-Wave wireless standard. Using affordable Z-wave modules with Vera, all the electrical devices in a house or apartment can to be networked and controlled via the Internet. Thus, users can remotely control and monitor their homes from any web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc.) installed on their PCs or smartphones. Vera is the 400th certified Z-Wave product and guarantees compatibility with all certified Z-Wave devices. At only $249, Vera makes high-end home control functionality affordable.

The gateway consists of a base unit and a battery pack. Vera is distinguished by the fact it is uncomplicated, very simple to use and charges no monthly fee. The straightforward installation process is carried out using a conventional web interface. Once set up is complete, Vera can be operated via standard web browsers from any PC or mobile device with internet access. Vera can also be unplugged and powered by the battery pack for portable installation allowing Vera to detect other Z-Wave devices in the home; the user only has to press an installation button to establish a connection to the various Z-Wave products. As soon as Vera is plugged back into the Ethernet chord, all the devices are recognised and displayed on the web-based user interface.

A solution for any scenario – Users can assign their devices to different rooms and define scenarios, such as ‘I’m home’ or ‘I’m going to bed.’ When activated, Vera will switch all devices in the network to the status specified for the respective scenario (e.g. lights off, blinds down, activate door locks). Different scenarios can be triggered on a time-dependent basis by the device, automatically by other Z-Wave devices such as motion sensors, or manually via remote control or wall-mounted switches.

For example, when your child gets home from school and unlocks the door, Vera can send you an email. You can view a still image or live footage from a security camera using your computer or smartphone to be certain that your kids are home safe and didn’t bring home unwelcome guests.

While Vera can be controlled via a home computer, it can also be operated via the Internet from a user’s office or web-enabled mobile phone. Typically, this level of secure remote access via the web involves a lot of installation and configuration effort in terms of services, routers and firewalls, but Vera is easy to set up, automatically taking care of everything for the user. The web page enables all users to access their devices simply by entering their own logon name and password. This service is provided free of charge by Mi Casa Verde.

Mi Casa Verde Vera - Rear Panel

Vera offers users a feeling of security – In addition to controlling heating, lighting, windows and other installations in the network, IP security cameras can also be integrated with Vera. Once these have been installed in a home, the user simply enters the corresponding IP address into Vera and the rest is handled for you. Users can now view live footage from the camera with a web enabled PC or smartphone.

Cutting energy consumption in the home – PC-based home control solutions are often complicated and require users to leave their home computers switched on permanently. On average, this consumes around 200 watts of power per hour. In contrast, Vera uses just three watts per hour and does not require users to install additional software or leave their home computers running. The system ensures that all sources of energy consumption in the home (lights, televisions, heating, security systems, etc.) are only switched on when necessary. Thus, Vera allows consumers to slash their energy bills by up to a third.

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