Vesternet Launch USB Z-Wave Transceiver & Everspring UK Sockets

Vesternet Z-Wave USB Stick

We often hear complaints about the lack of Z-Wave modules available in the UK.  Now home automationspecialist eTailer, Vesternet have just added a new Z-Wave USB stick to their catalogue.  The £49.99 plug and play transceiver comes with on board drivers and a Z-Wave application for managing devices.

For a limited time they are giving them away free when you purchase one of their Energy or Security Z-Wave whole home packages.  In addition they are also now stocking the long awaited Everspring UK Z-Wave sockets at around £30.  Read on for the details.

FREE Z-Wave USB Controller with Energy & Security Kits – Vesternet, the specialist Wireless Home Automation shop, has today launched their very own Z-Wave USB Controller.  With its built in drivers, manual and software management application, everything works plug & play, right out of the box – with a retail price of £49.99. To celebrate the launch, Vesternet are offering the USB controller Completely FREE, with either a specially packaged Energy or Security Kit:

ENERGY – The Vesternet Security Kit consists of:

Everspring UK Z-Wave Socket
  • 1 x FREE Vesternet Z-Wave USB Controller (saving £49.99!)
  • 9 x Homepro On/Off Sockets
  • 1 x AeonLabs 3-Clamp Power Meter

– The Vesternet Energy Kit consists of:

  • 1 x FREE Vesternet Z-Wave USB Controller (saving £49.99!)
  • 3 x Everspring Door & Window Sensors
  • 3 x Homepro Motion Detector
  • 3 x Everspring On/Off sockets

Both Packages also come with FREE Delivery to the UK or anywhere in Europe.”

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3 Comments on "Vesternet Launch USB Z-Wave Transceiver & Everspring UK Sockets"

  1. Ridiculously expensive!

    No wonder its taking so long for Z-wave to get any traction with prices like this and the ‘starter’ kits are even worse!

    Not for me sorry. Rip off in my opinion

  2. Chris – Z-Wave in the UK (like any other new product) is in the chicken and egg phase.

    Prices will only come down once people start buying it in decent quantities – and of course people will only start to do that when the prices come down.

    Just like those fancy hight performance electric cars, we need early adopters to buy the $100K+ ones so the rest of us can benefit from the cheaper ones down the line.

    Z-Wave sockets at £30 might still be more than you’re personally prepared to pay, but they’ve come down from over £50 at the start. I certainly don’t think it’s fair to start using phrases like ‘rip off’ here.


  3. I agree with Chris, too much money. Ever heard of loss leaders?

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