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Oh how we love the shiny new home automation gadgets that appear on an almost weekly basis from the crowd funding websites.  This time it’s a smart home security device called Canary.

The makers say home security today is way too expensive or complicated (or both) and promise to completely simplify the connection to your home with what they describe as the “Worlds first smart home device for everyone”.

The $200 Wi-Fi equipped unit is just 6 inches high and includes an HD Camera (with night vision), a microphone, speaker, siren and accelerometer plus temperature, humidity and air quality sensors.

Setup promises to be a quick plug and play painless experience.  Once up and running the control and monitoring is via an iOS or Android smartphone app.  Canary say its system will intelligently analyse the sensor data and send you push notification alerts when something doesn’t seem right back at home.  Other advanced features promised include learned behaviour and automatic arm / disarm using Geofencing.

It looks like the service aspect of Canary will adopt the Freemium model with a free app that will allow video and audio streaming as well as remote access to all sensor data.  In addition an optional premium service will be offered too…

After the products ship, there will be additional (optional) service plans that include more data options (such as storing events over a longer period of time) and a call-center backup. These premium plans will have a surcharge but are optional and contract-free.

With still over a month to go Canary have taken almost five times their target funding on indiegogo so demand looks pretty huge for the device.  If you’d like to support the project head on over to the indiegogo page from the links below.


  • HD Camera w/ Night Vision Wide Angle Lens
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • High Quality Microphone Speaker
  • Siren
  • RGB LEDs
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • Motion Detection (Passive Infrared) Temperature Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Air Quality Sensor


  • Live Video & Sensor Data
  • Mobile Alerts / Push Notifications
  • Bank Level Encryption
  • Media Archive (Video, Audio)
  • Learns & Improves From User Behavior Guided Action Plans for Emergencies Manual Arm & Disarm
  • Automatic Arm & Disarm thru Geofencing Trigger Siren/Speaker Remotely Enable/Disable Features & Modes
  • Enable Backup Alerts to Friends/Family Customizable Privacy Settings
  • Track Data & Trends   :   Canary on Indiegogo   :   More Smart Home Security    [Thanks Stubbs]

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  1. Love this idea. I think people love gadgets anyway regardless of what they do, so will probably prove to be quite popular. I love the idea of a camera, really gives some peace of mind.

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