Video: EVE Connect Links Your Smart Home With Your Smart Car

As more people prepare to get their hands on a Tesla via the Model 3, here’s a software platform that links your your smart car with your smart home.

EVE Connect is described as “the most advanced connect home / connected car solution available” and it can talk to a range of home automation hardware including Nest, Lutron, Philips Hue, Kwikset and Shlage.

EVE Connect is EVEs newest innovative dashboard app. EVE Connect integrates a variety of connected home devices and brands into one environment, allowing users to control locks, garage doors, lights, thermostats and more, all from the vehicle dashboard. Functions can also be automated to correspond with events like leaving or coming home, adding peace of mind and convenience.

EVE Connect works with IFTTT giving you creative control over the products and services you use through “Recipes”, which allow for “Triggers” with associated “Actions”. Recipes are simple connections between products. IFTTT Recipes run automatically in the background, creating powerful connections with one simple statement – If This Then That.

EVEConnect IFTTT  :  Is the Tesla Model 3 the Tipping Point for the EV

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