Video: Inexpensive Remootio Interface Makes Gates & Garage Doors Smart

REMOOTIO IoT Garage Door & Gates Smart Home Interface

Remootio looks like an interesting home automation crowd funding launch on Indiegogo.

The little black box makes your gates and garage doors ‘smart’ allowing you to control or monitor them from your smartphone. The unit has both Bluetooth Low Energy and 2.4Ghz WiFi on board and can be controlled from the free app (iOS 10.0 and above, Android 5.0 and above).

Unlike most IOT products, Remootio comes with built-in Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, which means that you do not need a separate bridge to make a Bluetooth product WiFi compatible. With Remootio you can control your gates and garage doors from anywhere in the world.

There’s 256 bit authenticated end-to-end encryption between the Remootio device and your smartphone and its a Cloud-free service meaning there’s no expensive servers to run or subscriptions to pay.

Remootio integrates with Alexa and Google Home is promised to follow soon after launch. Other features include auto-open on vehicle approach, open and close notifications and status too.


The makers say the interface is compatible with most gates and garage doors as it works with 6-25V AC or 6-36V DC and has a normally open relay output as well as 3 ports for accessories (doorbell, gate status sensor plus a manual open button).

At the time of writing there are still a few Super Early Bird versions available at £30. Check out the link and the video below for more info.   :

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2 Comments on "Video: Inexpensive Remootio Interface Makes Gates & Garage Doors Smart"

  1. Is there a compatibility check? ageThere are so many garage door systems…

  2. Hi Michal,
    A non-comprehensive compatibility list can be found at .
    If your opener is not listed here the guys at [email protected] can advise you on compatibility if you tell them the exact model number. The reply time is typically a few hours.

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