Video : Plex Running on LG Smart TV – But ST600 Has No Plex?

Friends of Automated Home, have just published this video from CES showing an LG NetCast Smart TV running Plex.  The UI looks exceptional for something that’s built into a telly (checkout ‘Powered by Plex” in the top right hand corner).  Last week brought you news of the LG ST600 and speculated that Plex would most likely be included in it too.

We believe the ST600 is the identical (1080p capable) hardware that’s going inside the 2011 LG NetCast HDTVs and Blu-ray players, but despite this, “Media Link” (LG speak for Plex) doesn’t appear to be included in the the TV Upgrader from what  we can see in this video.  Tell us it isn’t so LG?? This is the box we’re all waiting for to bring Plex to all our existing HDTVs!

We’re crossing our fingers this isn’t the final firmware for the ST600 and there’s still time for LG to add Plex in.

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4 Comments on "Video : Plex Running on LG Smart TV – But ST600 Has No Plex?"

  1. Can’t believe their not going to add the plex streaming to the box.
    I was going to buy one of the lg boxes but not now. Hopefully someone else will come up with something.

    Come on Lg add the plex streaming for us, you will sell a lot more.

  2. plex WILL be on the box – probably it wasn’t ready on the demo.

    from LG’s twitter account:
    “The LG ST600 SmartTV Upgrader has the Plex functionality to turn any HDTV with HDMI output into a SmartTV!”

  3. Thanks Milos – that’s fantastic news. Our LG contacts seemed a little confused over whether Plex would make it or not but that does indeed look like confirmation. We’re contacting LGs representatives in the UK for a comment.

  4. Well, 5 days later and still no reply from LG US or UK. Worse than that the original LG_US Twitter post confirming the ST600 has Plex now appears to have been deleted! Here’s the original post retweeted by us and Plex too….


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