View Quest Tiny Portable Wi-Fi Internet Radio

View Quest WiFi Internet Radio

With the UK Government still making noises about turning FM radio off by 2015 this tiny little fella may become a boon to many.  The View Quest’s scroll wheel allows you to navigate over 12,000 radio station from around the world, in addition to over 7,000 podcasts.

Other highlights include a 1.8″ LCD display with white LED light and a 15 hour Li-Ion Polymer battery.  The diminutive WIFI200 is just 72.9 x 125.1 x 23.1mm and weighs 160g  and is available now for under £80…

The WIFI200 from View Quest is the first truely portable internet radio on the market. However, don’t let it’s size deceive you, it packs a punch whether you are listening through the built-in speaker, or with headphones.

All you need is a wireless network to open up the World of internet radio, currently standing at around 12,000 stations Worldwide. If your wireless network is unprotected then the WIFI200 will simply connect and start playing your preferred station. If it’s a protected network, you just need to enter the pass key the first time, and it will save it in your network list for future uses.

In addition to internet radio stations, you can listen again to many popular radio shows via Podcast. All in all, you will never get bored whether you like Jazz from Chicago, or Rock from Germany”

  • Listen to over 12,000 radio stations from around the World
  • Tune into over 7,000 Podcasts
  • Around 15 hours of continuous use from a fully charged battery
  • Listen to your local stations while you’re travelling
  • Search by Country or Genre.
  • Easy-to-use interface with scroll wheel.
  • 2W speaker and headphone jack.

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