Wall Mount for iPad and Other Tablets for Under a Tenner

Hedgie iPad & Tablet Wall Mount

We’ve brought you lots of different wall mount options for the iPad from cool motorised systems costing many hundreds of pounds to last months ‘Pad Bracket‘ at under £25.

Now here’s an interesting if a little low-tech approach that will allow you to wall mount you iPad or Android tablet etc on the wall. The Hedgie iPad & Universal Tablet PC Mounting Solution is available now for around £8.  Check out the video below

“we are proud to introduce the Hedgie, our first idea brought to life and launched to a global market. Hedgie is designed and cut from special self adhesive hook&loop material. When the two faces of the Hedgie are pressed together, the hooks catch in the loops –and creates a strong bond between loop face on tablet computer and hook face on the selected surface. Detaching your device is even easier than that.

At first, the Hedgie was developed for our personal use because we hated the limits and troubles of the existing tablet computer mounting soulutions for different surfaces.

All our friends loved it very much and therefore convinced us to make it available to other tablet computer users all over the world.  We take our business seriously. That’s why we make our Hedgies from the best materials we could find.”


Hedgie iPad & Universal Tablet PC Mounting Solution  :  www.hedgie.net

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5 Comments on "Wall Mount for iPad and Other Tablets for Under a Tenner"

  1. Anyone who is looking for a relatively cheap iPad wallmount but still able to charge/sync and detach easily may be interested in the one supplied by Austrian company Loxone for €29.90 + €19.90 UK shipping . I have just taken delivery and have been very impressed… now trying to create a wall attachment to allow it to also swivel and lock.

  2. Are you serious? A velcro sticky pad! It might be made of the highest quality velcro but there’s no getting away from that cheap, familiar noise when it’s removed.

  3. I purchased antoher reasonably wall mount and haven’t used it due to the fact that I use the iPad to surf Sonos and make cocktails when entertaining so it just stays on the worktop in it’s otterbox case. Perhaps if a mountable powered dock hit the market then I would be interested.

  4. Hedgie is designed and cut from special self adhesive hook & loop material

    It’s called Velcro!

  5. Wikipedia: Velcro is the brand name of the first commercially marketed fabric hook-and-loop fastener…

    This actually is really amazing product. It is the fastest way for mounting and demounting of the iPad, no drilling, fits in any case… Well there are at least 200 different products so it is a really a matter of choice. I got one next to the my bed and one on the wall to use it with xbmc commander.

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