Watch This: Autonomous Outdoor Security Drone System

Sunflower Autonomous Outdoor Security Drone System

It’s been bugging me that there’s something I’ve forgot on our plans for the new house. Well here it is, every home needs an autonomous outdoor security drone system…

Autonomous Outdoor Security Drone System, The Future Trend by Sunflower Labs. Attractive garden lights house a powerful array of always-on activity sensors. Autonomous flight with advanced safety features and real-time video feed. Weatherproof drone-charging station with AI-powered computing…

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3 Comments on "Watch This: Autonomous Outdoor Security Drone System"

  1. Nice idea, I had thought how could we put our drone to better use. At $10k or £7.75k for the base configuration I think there are other security options to consider before this. Wonder how it would have managed in the recent wet and stormy weather?

  2. I don’t think they get those in always sunny California 😉

  3. Hmmm… imagine living next door to someone with this… constant buzz of their bloo@y drone ruining your afternoon lazing in the garden… I think I’ll stick with saving up for blink!!

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