WebGuide Vista Sidebar Gadget

If, like us, you like to be on the “bleeding edge” then you’ve already installed Vista and this little Gadget for WebGuide4 will become really useful to you. You can use it on your home LAN or even have it sitting on your desktop at work or on the road…

“The WebGuide Gadget allows you to connect to local Media Center or a remote WebGuide server. It allows for full access to the program guide, search, recorded TV and scheduled Recordings. You can even stream live TV when connected to a WebGuide server.

Webguide’s other features..

  • Schedule recordings from any web browser
  • Quick installation and familiar easy-to-use interface
  • Access your own MCE PC which means live scheduling without delays
  • Provides LAN-based access to recorded TV shows via networked PCs with playback in Windows Media Player
  • Homepage provides quick access to recent and upcoming recordings
  • Search results grouped by show or date/time
  • Set manual recordings and adjust the settings of scheduled recordings
  • Access your Music, Pictures and Videos for viewing and streaming over the Internet
  • PocketPC and Smartphone enabled EPG
  • Localized languages include: Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish


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