Weird Smart Home Gadget of the Week : Rock Cam

Rock Cam

We’ve seen some amazing stuff in our time covering the smart home but this is definitely one of the stranger items.  The ‘KJB Security SC7000 XtremeLife Artificial Rock Camera/Recorder with Motion Sensor’ (to give it its full title) is, as it sounds, a covert recording camera built into a custom housing designed to look lke a decorative rock in your garden.

The camera can record up to 1280×960 and supports PAL and NTSC.  With an amazing standby battery life quoted of up to a year the unit records to an SD card and can also be connected to a PC via USB.

“The SC7000 offers the convenience of a battery-powered camera without the typical short battery-life constraints! The new XtremeLife camera features the longest-life battery on the market, allowing for up to ONE YEAR of operation on a single battery charge. This possible because the processor operates in “sleep mode” until motion is detected, when the camera flips on and begins recording.

The Xtremelife Rock can be placed anywhere outside with no worries about running wires or short battery life. Just set it and let it record! Camera will record whenever motion is detected.

  • Ultra-long battery life – processor only operates when sensor is tripped
  • Weather resistant – can be placed almost anywhere outside
  • Connects easily to your computer with a USB port”

The Rock Cam is available now for around $650

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  1. Nice. A tad on the pricey side though! – had previously thought of doing something similar myself as a DIY effort, using a wired rather than self-contained camera, connected back to my existing Geovision server… Perhaps I’ll get a “round tuit” one of these days!

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