Whole House Audio via Wireless Hard Drive Server

Yamaha’s £1,800 80Gb wireless music server/client setup (MCX-1000) is due on sale in September…

“With the MusicCAST server, your family can store their CD collection in one central location, have fun creating playlists and custom CDs, preserve vintage vinyl records as digital files, then transmit them anywhere in your home wirelessly.

Equipped with the latest IEEE 802.11b network technology, up to 5 clients are able to play high quality music wirelessly from the server. Extended client range is achieved with the use of an Ethernet connection.

8-zone multi-room music system – The server is able to send music to 8 different locations allowing up to 7 independent clients to be used with one server system, giving your family members instant access to music anywhere around the house…  Visit the Official Yamaha home site for the MCX-1000 MusicCast System .

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