Wi-Fi & Bluetooth LE Powered emberlight Smart Light Adaptor

This weeks Kickstarter smart home offering promises to turn any light into a smart light.

The ’emberlight’ uses Wi-Fi to control your bulb from an iOS or Android smartphone app across your home and around the world through its SSL secured cloud service.

It works with dimmable incandescents, halogens, CFLs and LED bulbs and will also turn your lights on and off based on proximity to your phone or other wearable device with on-board Bluetooth Low Energy.

In addition the emberlight holder has the advantage of being separate from the bulb so if the lamp fails you don’t have to throw  out all those control electronics along with it.

The emberlight has been designed to be a global product working on a range of voltages around the world…

The product is designed to work with all main voltage/frequencies used around the globe (including 220V). Our first product will have the mechanical fittings for the Edison 26/27 screw base which is the most common. If we are successful with these, we’ll follow up with bayonet and down light options also.

emberlight iOS & Android App

The earlybird specials on the Kickstarter site mean you can pre-order an emberlight for $49 ($60 rrp) for delivery around February next year.  Check out the video and the links below.

emberlight.co  :  emberlight on Kickstarter

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  1. If it supports Homekit it could be interesting, that way it could be uses seamlessly in combination with Philips Hue lights

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