Wi-Fi Thermostat Launched by Intwine Energy

Intwine Energy Wi-Fi  Thermostat

Intwine Energy have launched their new IECT-220 Wi-Fi communicating thermostat.  The unit comes with a free basic monitoring service for control through the Web with a premium service with more features available for $15 per year…

“Affordable comfort at the click of a mouse… The IECT-220 is a full-featured internet-connected programmable thermostat.  When programmed properly the IECT-220 is capable of saving homeowners 15-20% on heating and cooling costs or close to $200 annually (Energy Star). Realizing these savings has never been simpler with the ability to remotely monitor and control the IECT-220 with Intwine’s consumer web-portal and iPhone app! With the IECT-220 and Intwine’s connectivity solution, there is finally a completely flexible platfrom capable of simultaneously fulfilling the needs of both energy providers and consumers.

The Intwine Energy IECT-220 Communicating Thermostat comes with a free basic monitoring services package – allowing you to check on your current energy status anytime from your computer or from a mobile device via a web portal. Additionally, the Intwine Energy IECT-220 Communicating Thermostat comes with a premium control service for free for 30 days upon registering through the web portal. After the first 30 days, an annual fee of $15 is required for the premium control service (but not the basic monitoring services); The premium control service is sold separately through Intwine Energy.”

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2 Comments on "Wi-Fi Thermostat Launched by Intwine Energy"

  1. Any word on if it HAS to be used with Interwine’s portal or if it can be controlled and monitored locally?

  2. I have to use their portal. $15 a year fee. Can also get an app for the iphone and control just the override function. I think the app was about $10

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