Windows Vista SideShow Fridge Magnet

Vista Fridge Magnet

Descried as a “FM Fridge Magnet scribbler device”, the The MK140 from Ricavision has a 3.5” QVGA LCD screen that can be used to display messages and send them on to the Windows Vista box. There are definitely going to be some Smart Home applications for this device..

“Scribbler for Windows SideShow Adds “Sticky Note” Convenience to Wireless Connectivity – Ricavision International Inc. is proud to introduce the MK140 FM Magnet, a portable home “scribbler” device that functions like an electronic note pad with Windows SideShow capability. The MK140 FM Fridge Magnet can be easily attached to the refrigerator, or wherever it is needed, for maximum convenience.

The Home Scribbler Fridge Magnet is a small handheld portable device wirelessly connected to a PC running Windows Vista that functions as a normal enhanced device for Windows SideShow. The scribbler enables the user to create handwritten notes on the device’s 3.5” QVGA LCD display using a stylus, and these notes may then be retained on the device or sent to the Windows Vista-based PC for further processing. The MK140 FM Fridge Magnet scribbler device is powered by an internal battery, with a 16-hour minimum lifetime in normal use, and an external AC adapter and charging docking station.

“Ricavision has taken to heart our vision of bringing Windows Vista and Windows SideShow-enabled devices to the homes of millions, and the result after a few short weeks of intense effort is a trio of compelling new devices,” said Greg Parks, development manager and architect for Windows SideShow at Microsoft. “We continue to be impressed by Ricavision’s capabilities.”

“Our new electronic scribbler device is another step in our vision for the future, integrating the most convenient wireless communication capabilities into our customers’ everyday lives,” said Max Li, CEO. “By coordinating with Microsoft, we feel confident that the MK140 FM Fridge Magnet will provide users of Windows Vista with enhanced functionality and significant value.”

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