Wireless CCTV for your Automated Home

I’ve just received this press release…
Looking for a low-cost CCTV system to protect your home? Need something that can be installed within a matter of minutes with no complicated wiring? You need the new K9 Wireless CCTV System from Digital Cybermasters Ltd!

Now you can instantly see and hear any intruder without having to run a cable! With a K9 Wireless CCTV system in your home, you can…

  • Watch over your driveway!
  • See who is at the door!
  • Monitor the Baby Room!
  • Protect your garden shed!
    K9 is supplied as a kit comprising of 1 x high resolution wireless camera (up to 50 metre range), 1 x 5\” mono monitor, 2 x power supplies and full instructions. For just £139, K9 you can enjoy the following benefits…
  • Weather proof wireless camera for outside use
  • Battery or mains operated
  • 3 channel autoscan monitor with alarm feature
  • Camera with built in PIR and microphone
  • Add up to two additional wireless cameras!
  • No PC required!
  • Run stand alone or link to InControl!
  • To purchase your K9 system, visit Digital Cybermasters

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