Wireless Surround Anywhere220 Cuts the Cord to your Rear Speakers

Running speaker cables to your rear surround speakers isn’t always easy.  In an increasingly wireless world here’s a gadget that might improve the look of your media room and please SWMBO.

The new Marmitek Surround Anywhere220 is a digital transmitter and receiver pair that allows you to cut the cord between your AV amp and your effects speakers.  The system is available from today and is priced around £110.  Check out the video after the jump for an insight into how it works.

“Have you ever bought a surround sound set? If so, you probably quickly realised that it is tricky to work away the cables effectively. This particularly applies to the cables to the back speakers. Sometimes you have a skirting board under which you can place the cable but this is not always possible. Result: loose cables lying around your living room.

Today, Marmitek is introducing the Surround Anywhere220. A wireless, digital transmitter for your surround sound set which allows you to wirelessly connect your back speakers to your surround amplifier.

Marmitek Surround Anywhere220

During installation, you can set the volume balance to precisely the right level and, after that, you shouldn’t need to look at it again. This product is unique because it can simply be connected to the speaker output on the surround amplifier. The back speakers then copy the volume of the amplifier. The fact that the data is transmitted uncompressed and digitally means that the sound is better than CD quality and does not encounter any disruptions or delays.

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4 Comments on "Wireless Surround Anywhere220 Cuts the Cord to your Rear Speakers"

  1. This product is hardly “unique”. I’ve been using a Rocketfish Universal Wireless Rear Speaker Kit since 2008, it works exactly the same way. Transmitter module connects to your amp’s speaker outputs with speaker wire, receiver module connects to the speakers also with speaker wire. Samsung and others also make similar devices.

  2. Mats Svensson | September 5, 2011 at 4:19 pm |

    And what do you buy to get rid of all of those loose cables to the Anywhere220 ?

    Shouldn’t there be TWO receivers, one for each rear speaker, for there to be a point to this thing?

  3. Surely the ‘point’ is that for most people the big issue is getting a cable from the AV amp at the front of the room all the way to the back of the room.

  4. Sometimes wiring just can’t be done without ripping apart the walls or having wires running along the floor (wives hates that). Of course hardwiring is always preferred in my book but when in a pinch got to go wireless.

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