Wise Controls Wireless Lighting

Wise Controls Wirless Dimmer

Here’s a wireless lighting range we’ve just discovered. With Wise Conrols 868MHz system You can have up to 32 switches transmitting to each receiver. These can be PIRs, wall switches or key fob remotes. Range is quoted around 200m-50m, with a wireless booster product available too. In addition to standard dimmers a range of RGB colour changing modules is available too.

“Wisecontrols is a cutting edge, highly customisable, colour changing capable and very easy to install and use wireless lighting control system.

Wise Controls Dimming Receivers use radio waves to pick up a signal from our range of wireless switches. By utilising your recievers, you can dim any of your lighting circuits up or down from a distance of up to 200m at the click of a button.

The WisePack Dimming Receiver is a single channel reciever capable of dimming up to a 500W load using a wireless switch or remote.

Key Benefits

  • Internal memory restores previous dimming level.
  • 2 way dimming or more.
  • No back box required
  • Add switches anywhere without the need to wire.”


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