World Exclusive – New Sonos ZP120 Photos

Sonos ZP120

 New ZP120 on top of ZP100 for size comparison

We reported five weeks ago on the new Sonos Zoneplayers under development.  We know there were some doubters out there but our info was spot on and today we can reveal our world exclusive first photos of the new Sonos ZP120 hardware.

The new amplified zoneplayer from Sonos is designated as the “ZP120” as can been seen from our photos.  It’s a physically much smaller box than the original ZP100 that it will replace.  On the inside the unit uses a new 802.11n chipset providing much improved wireless range and speed.  The new unit retains the analogue input but the analogue outputs have gone (the subwoofer out remains).

Sonos ZP120

We also hear the ZP80 (un-amplified Zoneplayer) will be replaced by the “ZP90” which is pretty much physically identical but has also had the 802.11n make over on the inside.  The CR100 controller has had no update as far as we can ascertain.

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