Worlds First Solar Powered Electric Roller Blinds

Whether you’re an off the grid environmentalist or just want to retro-fit electric blinds where there’s no power outlet, then this new system from BTX may be for you.  Described as the first ever solar powered roller blind system, the makers say it only requires around 2 hours per day of ‘average sunlight’ to trickle charge its batteries and keep it working.  If you have lower light you can move the solar panel to a different position or link multiple panels too,  Check out the video of the patent pending system below…

“BTX introduces a new self-sufficient, solar-powered DC automated drapery system — the Tumo® Xcel Eco-line. It is economical, efficient, very quiet and fully plug-and-play.

This system can pull up to 44 lbs. with a single motor, and it can also be hand-drawn. Simply plug this system into the slim-designed solar accumulator, then control up to six systems or six groups of systems by radio remote. No electrician is necessary, and installation is fast and easy. The solar accumulator is designed for maximum solar collection while cleverly hidden by the drapery. Like all BTX systems, the Tumo Xcel Eco-line features flexible control options, including switch, RF remote and network control through dry contact closure, making it ideal for many different applications.

The Tumo Xcel Eco-line system incorporates the same popular headrail design as the standard Tumo Xcel, utilizing a special coating process. This makes the system more quiet than ever. This DC-driven light-rail drapery system can also be custom curved* to specification, allowing for even further flexibility to fit almost to any interior.

BTX Tumo Xcel Eco-Line Features

  • System can be curved* with a minimum 14″ radius
  • Solar accumulator attached via plug-in ‘Solar-Link’
  • Built-in receiver for RF, switch and/or network control
  • RF remote controls up to 6 channels
  • Electromagnetic disconnect allows for hand-draw operation
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • A single DC motor pulls up to 44 lbs.” : Solar Powered Lighting

2 Comments on "Worlds First Solar Powered Electric Roller Blinds"

  1. John Lawrence | April 20, 2011 at 4:29 pm |

    When/Where will these be available in the UK ?

  2. The products are now distributed by window shading systems

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