X10 Curtain Controller for Autoglide and Swish

Laser have developed in house an X10 controller for the popular motorised curtain rails from AutoGlide. They are compatible with the Swish K400 as well.  This unit is designed to allow X-10 remote control of the SilentGliss Autoglide Dawn and Dusk (previously known as Swish Autoglide K400) electric curtains. Any compatible transmitter may be used to send X-10 commands to the device.

A push button is fitted to the side of the unit. This is used to enter the address setting mode, and to restore the unit to factory settings.  A status light is fitted besides the push button. This indicates operation of the unit by flashing when the unit is switched on, and whenever the unit is receiving X-10 transmissions.

Key Features

  • X-10 address set electronically
  • Pass through socket allows retention of local control switch
  • Status indicator to show unit operation and when receiving X-10 signals and commands
  • Separate and isolated connections to motor

Available now from the LASER WEBSITE

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