X10 Garden Light

An X10 compatible garden spike light is on its way to Lets Automate.

“Now you can have automated garden lights! The circuitry is encapsulated in epoxy potting compound for 100% reliability and safety and making it completely water proof. The dimmer is rated at 120W and so can handle any PAR38 flood or spot lamp. The dimmer is software based and responds to the standard X10 protocol…” The Light Spike also remembers its last dim level, responds to ALL ON/ALL OFF commands and allows the DIM function to be used to dim ALL lights as group.

The house code is programmed by holding the water-proof push button in for 3 seconds. The Lamp will flash twice and stay on, the next OFF command received becomes it’s X10 address and is stored permanently. The push switch can also be used to toggle the lamp on/off locally.

£58.75 (Lamp is not included)

Lets Automate

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