X10 IR543AH Pricing Info


Just updated the IR543AH Preview Page with the following pricing info…

“The price of the production units are as follows:

  • IR543AH Complete Unit 230V (Not CE approved) £60.00
  • IR7243AH Complete Unit 230V (CE approved) £85.00
  • IRAH All-Housecode assembled board £30.00 (US)
  • IRAHKIT All-Housecode kit of parts £25.00 (US)

All prices are exclusive of VAT at 17.5% and shipping.

Please note that both the IRAH and IRAHKIT (suitable for both 110V and 230V 50/60Hz products) require the self-installation of the All-Housecode board. This would include the removal of 9 existing components from the 230V IR543/IR7243, including the 28-pin CPU. General electronics and soldering skills are required.

The assembled units, both 110V and 230V, are available now. Assembly instructions for the kit and and assembled unit are still to come.”

Contact Laser for more details.

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