xAP Blue V0.1 Brings Bluetooth Presence Detection

xAP Bluetooth

James Traynor continues to produce innovative software based on the xAP home automation protocol.  His latest creation “Blue” allows your home to detect your presence using Bluetooth.

It’s not hard to imagine scenarios where presence detection would be extremely useful in a smart home setup, providing you can figure out the logic required to establish if you are still “there” as you perhaps walk in and out of range of the receiver.

“Blue allows you to do presence detection using Bluetooth.  It will output over xAP any detected Bluetooth devices as well as to notify when the devices go out of range. All devices are outputted using the BSC schema so will be easy to use with many apps.

In addition you can make it send specific messages when specific devices come and go. It has been tested using a Linksys BT100 USB Bluetooth unit, but it should work with any device using the Microsoft stack, other stacks may work though.

This is a beta release and available here – www.mi4.biz  :  Download Blue

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