xAP Smart Home Interface for the O2 Joggler

O2 Joggler xAP Interface

A few guys on our forums have been working on using the O2 Joggler as a home automation controller.  With some hacking they’ve put together a system that enables the Joggler to send and receive xAP packets, potentially allowing it to control almost any smart home system whilst showing live updates of say caller ID, temperature, light status etc on its display. Here’s the latest from Kevin…

“I’m about to release beta 3.  Main difference will be that the interface can be customised (no need for Flash) via the configuration file.  Buttons can be laid out in a grid size of your own choice upto 10×10, although they can become small and unuseable on the Joggler if you use too many. The screenshot below is baseda around a 10×5 grid.

Every button can be individually positioned and sized including overlaps and you can also load your own button styles (SWF created in Flash). You can add a background image that you could use as a template for buttons – e.g. a floorplan or control panel.  A few extra button modes and the security mode has been enhanced, plus there is support for xAP BSC text devices.

I do hope to improve the button corner scaling and also the level device (slider) graphic as well as adding some extra icons. Multiple pages / popups will be beta 4+.  Also work is underway to get an enhanced xAP hub running on the Joggler which would then obviate the need for iServer. Some may prefer to stay with iServer as it offers filtering advantages to the Joggler and also if you use WiFi because it uses TCP rather than UDP.”

Click through to the forum thread for more information and screenshots of the ‘in progress’ black themed interface.

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