Y-Cam Launch New “Cube” IP CCTV Camera Range

After 5 years of service we are still loving our Y-Cam Black CCTV camera.  The latest range to come from the Y-Cam stable is the ‘Cube’.  This little indoor box (65mm x 65mm x 30mm) is available in either VGA or 720p HD with a third 1080P HD version due in a couple of months time. Prices range from around £150 to £250.

Offering professional quality and sleek design, the Y-cam Cube range is unique to the home and SMB market. It is available in three grades of resolution – 640 x 480 VGA, 720p HD and full 1080p HD (available Spring 2013) – and provides uncompromising image quality and the widest range of inter-device compatibility. Measuring a discrete 6.5cm in height, the Cube will blend harmoniously into any surrounding and is full to the brim with specialised features that provide the next level of security for high-tech homes and safety conscious businesses, allowing users to stay in control wherever they are.

Key Features

  • Professional quality, sleek design – the feature packed Y-cam Cube measures only 6.5cm in height and width.
  • 24/7 protection with 28 infrared LED and built-in, automatic IR cut-filter.
  • y-cam-cube-blackTake advantage of the latest technology as the camera uses both Wi-Fi N and H.264 compression.
  • MicroSD recording – store up to 64GB directly to the inbuilt microSD card slot.
  • Advanced compatibility – works with PC. Mac, web browsers and most 3rd party products, including NAS drives.
  • WPS connection – set up Wi-Fi in seconds, making setup as easy as a push of a button.
  • Direct to iOS – simple access with audio and video stream direct to your iPhone, no app required.
  • PoE extendable – simple optional accessory to enable PoE support (sold separately).

Available Now from Amazon   :   www.y-cam.com

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3 Comments on "Y-Cam Launch New “Cube” IP CCTV Camera Range"

  1. Maybe I’m missing something but why spend nearly £200 on this when you can get something pretty much on par like a ucam247HD (seeing as they advertise on here) for around £120 from amazon. Spec wise they both look the same but could be wrong.

  2. I must agree with the comment above, I was looking at one of these camera’s to keep an eye on my car at my new flat, and found one with the same spec for half the price, and works perfectly.

  3. James Simpson – which one did you go for?

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