Z-Wave Unit Allows Control of Motorised Devices


More Z-Wave goodness, this time in the shape of the “ABMHZ” from Electronic Solution Inc.  This device allows you to integrate a variety of motorised home automation systems into a Z-Wave setup.  For example you may like to attach it to Motorised Window blinds or shutters, Projector Screens & TV Lifts etc.  “This Z-Wave enabled motor control is in a“Plug & Play” box and is compatible with most 115VAC motors. Kit includes male plug for motor attachment. The ABMHZ features load monitoring to allow Intermediate Positions for setting scenes via a Z-Wave controller (NOT included). With the ABMHZ Z-Wave motor control, you can add Z-Wave capabilities to a wide variety of residential applications”

www.elec-solutions.com   :   www.z-wavealliance.org

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