New Levels of Home and Building Automation – INTEGRA BM

“Integra BM- The Total Building Management System – The Newly introduced INTEGRA BM is setting new standards in the building automation sector, using the most advanced up-to-date technologies. The INTEGRA BM system enables the management and control of all devices that are connected to the mains power supplies in modern utilities, commercial, public and residential premises.  The INTEGRA BM is able to control any of the following building systems by using any of the add-on
modules connected to the master INTEGRA BM…

  • Lighting installations
  • Heating and cooling systems (air and water)
  • Access and Fire safety
  • Ventilation , HVAC systems
  • Protection – Building Security
  • Lifts
  • External shutters
  • Internal shutters
  • Video surveillance / supervision
  • Car parking management
  • People counting for store statistical data

Because of the flexibility in the type of modules available and the choice of the main control module
being either standard local control or Ethernet enabled, it ensures we can offer complete building management control solutions.

INTEGRA BM systems ensure reduced costs for both installation and maintenance, comfort, security, functionality, optimised system performance, long life time of appliances and ecological advantages through efficient energy usage. Typical returns on investment for the INTEGRA BM can be expected in 1-2 years depending on the size and level of the scheme.

An OPC Server package is available, meaning a graphical front end can be developed to suit each system. Because of the entry level cost for systems the INTEGRA BM range is also ideally suited for new build homes, giving the ideal design ideas for the house of the future, both in energy reductions and home security.”

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