SensorProbe in Integration With Sensors

Submission by Nash – Simple, Accurate and Rugged ,sensorProbe is a low cost SNMP enabled and Web based Environmental Monitoring Device. It can be configured to prevent specific kinds of exposure to humidity, water leakage ,low or high temperature, etc.

The sensorProbe monitors your equipment’s environmental variations, and notify’s you through “Email , SMS or SNMP Alerts in your Network Management system” in advance and prevent any disaster… The user-friendly web interface allows you to monitor and control the sensorProbe from anywhere remotely. It also provides you the graphical representation of environmental conditions.

sensorProbe has been tightly integrated with “Network Management Systems like HP Openview, CA TNG Unicenter, IBM Tivoli, WhatsUp Gold” . The sensorProbe is designed to run for years non stop.

Area of application – AKCP’s environmental monitoring products have been widely accepted to monitor Server rooms, Rackmount Enclosure/Cabinet Industry ,Cold storage, Food and Beverage Industry, Oil and Gas Industry ,Warehouses, ATM Monitoring , Air Conditioner Monitoring, Energy/Power Management, Hospitals, Medical research centers and Laboratories. Our products are designed to be used anywhere and everywhere.

About AKCP – Established in 1980, AKCP designs and develops low cost SNMP based environmental monitoring device. While others have tried to follow suit, we are the leader. We have the finest range of products and the largest number of installations in this domain. We create low cost, high quality, web based plug n play devices which remotely monitor the infrastructure and critical resources. We make this possible by employing latest technology in developing our products that make it simple to configure and easy to use. For more details view or for queries mail to Nash, [email protected] .

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