The xBox – Your Whole House Media Player


I got my xbox yesterday…after a bit of a false start with a duff mod-chip, my new machine is finally chipped. I only had a few hours to play with it last night, but here are a few findings. Once modded (the chip is £30).

o It’s a region free DVD player (it played xXx too which we believe is an RCE disk?)
o It’s CD Player
o It’s a network media player – you can FTP DivX movies and MP3s to it’s internal hard drive – *OR* you can stream them off your media server using it’s built in 10/100 nic! DivX player has cool features where you can zoom
in/out, calibrate screen, switch for 4:3 or WS..and even play with AV synch delay time…

o With add-on leads you can get Optical out (Dolby digital) S-Video, RGB and (I’m told?) Component? – so – Optical out MP3 player too?
o Oh yeah…and it’s a pretty hot games console too 🙂
o My box was manufactured in Oct 2002, the newest ones (Jan 03 on?) are supposed to have 20 gig drives instead of the 10gig in mine?
o The entire box is the price of a decent PC video card!


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