iPAQ Pocket PC 2002 Update 1

“iPAQ Pocket PC 2002 Update 1 (EUU1) a NEW SoftPAQ SP20130 is now up on the Compaq site.

Microsoft Server ActiveSync client gives users the ability to synchronize directly through Microsoft Mobile Information 2002 Server with their Microsoft Exchange Server.

Improves support for Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) connections to correct problems experienced when connecting to read e-mail or browse the Web while away from the office.
Improves connection support in instances where a specific Internet Protocol (IP) address must always be used. Connection Manager no longer reverses static IP addresses and Domain Name System (DNS) server names.
Improves Pocket Outlook Object Model (POOM) support for additional programs you can download or buy for your Pocket PC 2002. If you encountered problems with new programs crashing on your device, this update will help prevent future crashes.
Improves viewing of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) pages.
Improves e-mail support for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol(SMTP) servers.”


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