IRemote v2.6

“Hi Mark, I wanted to inform you about the release of IRemote v2.6 The newest version of this remote control for WinAmp puts you in absolute total control of your 100GB+ music collection. What’s New?

1. Zones allow the control over multiple instances of WinAmp. This new feature is most beneficial if you have multiple soundcards or a soundcard that has multiple outs. Setup a Zone to use specifically with an area of your home, or assign a Zone to your wireless headphones. You can also assign a Zone that streams your music over the internet. A well configured system will allow the user to access their music from anywhere!”.

2. The new server-side Media Library viewer/editor makes building the IRemote Media Library much easier.

3. New controls for changing the volume, balance and EQ settings.

4. Song position track bar.

5. Display can be toggled to show time remaining or time elapsed.

6. Option to disable the automatic connection feature.

7. Ability to assign the Connect/Disconnect functions to a hardware button.

8. Several fixes to the IRemote Media Library.

9. Option to build the Media Library based on the tree structure of the directory instead of using the TAG metadata.

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