Remote Central Nevo Review

“Some things are done simply because they could be. That’s been the general marketplace reception of HPC or PDA-based remotes for some time now: a nice idea, but don’t expect miracles. UEI’s Nevo technology goes far beyond “frill”, but still comes across as a secondary function, added value. Despite having the ultimate in pre-designed hardware resources behind them, the Nevo is still too structured and rigid in its remote control capabilities to truly capture the high-end or “hard core” market segment. This limitation has been the burden of other remotes attempting to go up against well-seasoned and established products”… “But unlike some of those earlier attempts, the Nevo is free to grow. If UEI can move beyond the “here’s how you’ll control your theater” notion and add further advanced layers of customization – “advanced functionality” needn’t equate with “difficult to program” – the Nevo really could become the next big thing. What other remote control can run Quake 2 or Rayman, browse the internet or balance your books?”

Remote Central

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