UltraMote – Turns iPAQ into Pronto

Jon Bhargava posted this link to the mailing list this morning…

“UltraMote combines the functions of audio and video device remote controls into a single program that operates via the iPAQ’s built-in infrared port. Uniquely, UltraMote lets users define the look and feel of the application or choose from pre-set templates. The software supports most brands of televisions, VCRs, DVDs, stereo receivers and home automation systems. UltraMote is set up directly on the handheld device and doesn’t require being docked to a PC.”

It looks like it will still suffer from the short range due to iPAQs IRDA hardware though…

“However, UltraMote will generally have a shorter control range than the remote control that came with your device. Please try out UltraMote during the evaluation period, to ensure that the control range with your equipment is satisfactory.”


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