"ATI Technologies Inc. today announced the new REMOTE WONDER™. Available through ATI's website .99, the radio-frequency (RF) remote control provides access to all the multimedia functions of the ATI RADEON™ series graphics cards and other Microsoft Windows-based computer programs.

Designed for full multimedia control, the wireless REMOTE WONDER works through walls enabling users to maintain computer access while roaming through their house, stage, boardroom or classroom eliminating the need to point the remote directly at the receiver. REMOTE WONDER creates a home entertainment environment by providing wireless access to ATI's popular Multimedia Center features enabled on RADEON-based video cards. 'Our research has shown that traditional infrared remote control devices don't offer the freedom and truly mobile functionality offered by RF-based remote controls,' said Andrew Morrison, Product Manager, Digital Multimedia Products, ATI Technologies Inc. 'Customers have been demanding a remote control to complement our ATI RADEON series graphics cards and we've delivered with REMOTE WONDER. In addition, the new wireless RF remote control integrates with the incredibly popular ALL-IN-WONDER® features to create a solution that meets consumers' entertainment, presentation, and web needs.'

With full built-in mouse control and programmable macro buttons, REMOTE WONDER provides added entertainment value to RADEON-based video card with the wireless freedom to easily play a variety of media via ATI's DVD, CD and VCD players. ALL-IN-WONDER users get full control of the TV features when using REMOTE WONDER for a truly unique entertainment experience. The versatile REMOTE WONDER works with any PC-based computer to access Windows-based multimedia applications."

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