Dantes Infrared Remote Manager

“Now you can control all your home equipments from anywhere in the world, using a simple web browser!  All you need is an infrared LED, a resistor, 2 diodes, a DB9-F connector and this application! The new version of the Infrared Remote Manager (1.2a) can be downloaded for free”.

What’s new in version 1.2a:

  • ITYPE parameter in cfg file – 0(DTR), 1(TxD), 2(IrDA), saved at exit
  • web interface included
  • use TxD as output, software carrier (+new hardware interface)
  • do not check for the interface anymore. You can use any hardware you want as the correct input/output pin is used
  • the bug in COM list handling solved (I hope so)
  • no more graphic plot during Send for compact window
  • the edited code can be saved as a new command
  • no more sequence number in display
  • code length display for both send, receive and code edit
  • display both protocol / command even it is not in the current protocol

Please send any comments to: [email protected]  I really need your help to further develop this application.

Thank you,

Dante”s IR Manager


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