Denon’s New RC-7000 Whole House Remote

Denon have announced the £150 RC-7000 universal remote. The system is also available with a Zigbee powered RF receiver at around £200 which will allow control of your devices from other rooms in the house…

“The RC-7000CI is a programmable IR remote controller that can operate multiple AV devices. When used with the optional RC-7001RCI it becomes a Two-Way Interactive Wireless device with meta-data feedback. The LCD screen reads meta-data from the linked Denon component so that users can see details of and control their iPod, PC or Hard Drive music on the handset. It also features advanced functionality that lets anyone easily customise device settings, rename source names or perform other operations via a PC.

The optional RC-7001RCI RF Remote Receiver, enables the wireless Two-Way communication and in addition, by connecting additional RC-7001RCI to a Denon AV Receiver or other component (*2), it is possible to operate devices in multiple rooms. Other products can be controlled via the RC-7001RCI IR Blaster and supplied IR flashers.” [via]

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